How Hair2U Started

2011 – 2014: Photography

In 2011, I took up photography as a hobby, and later on started doing videos too. It was my formative years, as I learnt the technical skills and also explored a wide range of types of photography. Eventually, I honed in on portrait photography. I joined a local club which focuses on creative portrait photography. It was a mix of photographers, models, make-up artists, wardrobe stylists, and creatives in general. It was through this that I made many contacts, and figured out how the community works.



2014: Beginnings

I finished my studies and could not find work. Thankfully, I lived in a social welfare country, and I was able to sustain myself during this period of unemployment. It also gave me plenty of time to do things which I normally would not have the time to do if I was employed. I had been entertaining the thought of producing hair videos for some time, and the conditions were just right at this stage of my life.

I decided to start hair video production. I saw that there is a lack of material featuring long hair models just playing with their hair; this would be my main focus, but I would also do haircut videos alongside as well. So I advertised on classified sites for models. I also found some of the models I have worked with before from the photography club. I needed a place to work, so I hired a dance studio room which fulfilled my needs; it was secluded, so noise can be controlled. I wanted to have high clarity sound in my videos and good lighting; both of these are lacking in most other producers.

So in late 2014, I produced my first batch of hair videos. They were a mix of long hair play and haircut videos. However, I did not immediately start selling yet. I knew that for the business to be successful, initial impression matters. It needed to be big and proper before the big reveal. I searched around, and found that suited my needs to host the videos. I also needed to have sufficient “critical mass” amount of videos to ensure continuous release of videos regularly. The plan is that the profits generated from sales would be used to fund future productions; a snowballing effect. Of course, at first I needed to invest a lot from my personal funds to pay for everything.



2015: Chapter One

In February 2015, I launched the website. The reception from the community was encouraging. It took around half a year for revenue to catch up to costs to break even. So, in short, hair video production is not easy, and most of the time it is just passion keeping it going. Some videos sell well, some don’t, and overall it is basically a break even venture. But I am passionate to keep providing material to the community to enjoy, and am not in it purely just for profits. My production prior to 2016 was based in Australia by the way. Back then, as far as I know, I was the only hair video producer in Australia.

In addition, I also order custom videos from to supplement my products.



2016: Chapter Two

Recall that I was unemployed when I started hair video production. Things changed in middle 2015 when I finally received a job offer. Due to my speciality in the scientific field, I have to move to France for the new work. So, I had to leave behind my hair video production in Australia. I thought it was going to be the end of Hair2U. But it turned out that fate had other plans. It was the end of one chapter, but a new chapter would begin.

In August 2015, out of the blue, a long hair model from Bosnia & Herzegovina contacted me, asking to model for my production. It was unusual, because normally I find models, not the other way round. I was skeptical at first of course. But after a Skype session, I began to trust that she is genuine. This person is Suzana. It would turn out that she would become not only my main long hair model, but also a close friend, and she would later help produce videos on my behalf.

That brings us up to 2016. My production now is based in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Suzana finds models for me, and produces the videos for me. I provide the equipment for her to produce in her apartment. This is why all my latest models are Serbian women. This represents the second chapter of Hair2U. I don’t know French (and my work does not require it), so I am unable to produce videos in France. My work contract finishes next year. Where I would go next, would depend on opportunities that come along. But my production in Bosnia & Herzegovina would likely continue for the foreseeable future.


2 thoughts on “How Hair2U Started

  1. Great story and I for one am very appreciative for what your venture brings to the community. I hope you continue to have the opportunity to explore and create whatever your passion drives you towards. I look forward to your next releases, and what the long-term future holds for you as well.

    Thank You,


  2. Yes, this is a great story and also a great site for admirers of beautiful women with beautiful long hair. In my opinion, a lot of today’s femininity seems to get lost in this fast world where both men and women seem to be under pressure to fit into new roles, but your site allows great appreciation of beautiful women and their lovely long hair. Of course, some women look lovely and can still look very feminine with short, or even no hair at all, but I appreciate the feminine and erotic beauty that a woman can possess with her long tresses, so well done for providing this platform, I hope that women as well as men admire the beauty that you and your models (not to mention your friend Suzana) project, and I have now become a fan as well as a regular customer. Keep up all your good/hard work…….Chris in the UK


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