Sales Statistics by Country

Hair2U has been around for just a little over 1.5 years. Thanks to Sellfy tracking sales by country, I had time over the weekend to crunch some numbers to determine the sales statistics by country. Here are the results.

Percentage of sales according to country:

(“Others” also includes instances where the buyer’s location is unknown.)

Since obviously population goes into play, I then scale the data by population, to show buyers per million people:

Netherlands and Denmark has the top buyers per capita. Interesting.

Out of interest, I wanted to re-scale the data to remove purchasing power bias. I did so by dividing by GDP per capita, PPP, measured in international dollars. Here it is, sales per million per $10,000 international dollars.

Roughly the same as the population scaling. It’s an obvious thing, but now that I’ve done this exercise myself, it’s statistically proven that the ability to buy hair videos is a luxury which only those in high-income countries can afford.

Bear in mind this represents only sales; data can be skewed by a very small number of customers buying multiple times who live in a low population country like New Zealand for example.

Also, internet freedom is also vastly unequal. The two most populous countries have accessibility problems, which is why they rank so low, even without population and GDP scaling. China has the great firewall, while India’s PayPal is restrictive. Imagine if these two countries have no restrictions like in the west… it would be a sales field day for producers!

Perhaps a better representation would be to compare to sales against internet traffic, rather than the population of whole countries. Again, the trends changed when sales were divided by number of visitors.

Even though USA leads the raw sales and internet traffic by volume, Denmark and Norway tops the proportion of people who buy out of the total visits! Very interesting.

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