Hair2U Survey 2017 Results

Survey finished. Nearly 200 people did the survey, but SurveyMonkey’s free survey package only analyzes the first 100 respondents. A sample size of half is good enough statistics I guess. The full results can be viewed here:

Some interesting results I want to talk about here:

Majority has no preference in how the interaction between the model, stylist, and viewer. But a close second preference is natural unscripted interaction.

Haircut preferences largely go as predicted from my personal observations in the community.

Hair hacking > Proper haircut
Dry haircut > Wet haircut
Hair cut loose > Ponytail saved

Almost the same preferences:
Forced haircut & Enjoyed haircut
Cape & No cape
Hair buzzed in one go & Hair cut in multiple steps
Scissors & Clippers

Shortest hairstyles have the most preferences, not surprising. But there is a sharp drop between bob and long bob! Means that viewers don’t like the neither short nor long styles of long bob and shoulder length. Interesting that the very styles that most beauty gurus out there love, are hated by the hair community. Also interesting is the slight increase after that when it comes to long hair trims.

The nearly even distribution in what matters most in a haircut video, seems to indicate that on average, viewers have no particular preference.

Viewers want young models in the 20s, nothing surprising here.

Overall, the survey results did not have many surprises. But it is good to have solid data to back-up what I have observed all these while.

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