Hair2U Survey Round 2

Some more results from second round of survey, this time more general which isn’t specific to my production.

Screenshot 2017-05-14 22.51.50

From discussions in forums, it’s unclear as to what media distribution method people prefer. After the survey, it’s clear that the majority prefer to download high quality content, rather than stream or subscription model.

Screenshot 2017-05-14 22.52.49

Results confirm what I have been doing all these while. I vary my shot framing depending on the scene. Interesting that close-up action is so unpopular.

Screenshot 2017-05-14 22.52.19

People like to see content once a week, which is what I try to do nowadays, so glad to know that my content release frequency matches the majority’s expectations.

Screenshot 2017-05-14 22.51.13

This data requires a bit more processing. I calculated the weighted average myself from the data. It works out to be that the typical person from the HVIDS forum (who responded to the survey) spends about $22 per month on hair videos. The ones who spend a lot more than that evens out the ones who spend a lot less, or not at all, resulting in the weighted average being the same as the majority trend.

Screenshot 2017-05-14 22.44.14

My early videos are in the half hour range, while my later videos are about one hour. Interesting that people prefer 30 – 45 minutes. I wonder what could be the factors affecting this trend.

Attention span? Available free time? Male libido?

Screenshot 2017-05-14 22.53.17

The trends do confirm what I already know from personal observation on forums, personal preference, and my production sales trends.

Top 3 Most Important in a Haircut Video:
– Attractive model
– Final hair style
– Production quality / Initial hair length / Amount of hair cut off

Screenshot 2017-05-14 22.50.32

The results here of what people hate the most is largely a negative reflection of what they like the most.

Top 3 Most Hated in a Haircut Video:
– Unattractive model
– Poor camera work
– Poor lighting

I am already aware of what people like / hate, and this survey confirms it with solid data to back up my observation. It’s good to know that most of what I do in my production is not in vain; the things that I do and avoid, do indeed line up with the community’s preferences.

I hope this survey data helps other current and future aspiring producers to produce quality and relevant products for this community.

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