Statement on Ajsa’s Haircut Video

A handful of concerned customers have contacted me, telling me their disappointment in how the final style of Ajsa’s haircut video turned out. Here is the product for reference:

To set the matter straight, here is my statement on the matter.

First of all, it needs to be highlighted that I was not physically present during that production. Therefore, I had limited control over what happened then.

Second, the video was a customized order from a customer. That means that person paid for the haircut to be done according to his script. This is mentioned in the video description on Sellfy.

Third, probably most important factor of all. We were supposed to have a qualified hairdresser. If you notice my other productions, we usually have a proper hairdresser to make the final style neat. But on that day, the hairdresser cancelled last minute. It was practically impossible to find another one on such short notice. We were told of the cancellation only half an hour before the model arrived.

Fourth, to follow through from the previous factor, it was also not possible to change to another date for production. The model traveled hours to get to Suzana’s apartment. She did so on faith, and was still not convinced that our production was genuine until she arrived. Bosnia & Herzegovina is a very poor country, and the offer to pay someone to cut their hair is something unheard of. If we were to turn her away at the door, citing that the hairdresser cancelled, we would have lost such a rare super long hair model for good. If she had been turned away, she would perceive it as a big waste of her time, and that we are not genuine.

So in light of those factors above, we decided we had no choice but to go ahead with the production in the absence of a qualified hairdresser. Suzana is not trained and has no actual haircutting skills. The final hairstyle turned out much shorter than planned, and it was her genuine mistake and lack of skill. It was supposed to be a lip length bob with buzzed nape, as requested by the sponsoring customer. But Suzana cut it too short by mistake. In addition, the model’s hair was also very thick, making it harder to cut. The final style resembled neither a lip length bob nor a bowlcut.

Ajsa was angry of course (not shown in the video). But what is done is done. The model was compensated appropriately of course. I did not realize the severity of the botched haircut until I had received all the raw video files.

I was contemplating whether or not to release the video for sale. But I decided to sell anyway, knowing that half of the people in the community like to see a lot of hair being chopped off, even if the final style was bad. Of course this meant that it was a turn off to those who want to see the final style being proper and flattering on the model. Furthermore, I chipped in a fraction of the costs of the production (the sponsoring customer did not cover 100%), so I needed to sell anyway to recover the costs.

Please do not blame Suzana for cutting Ajsa’s hair into a horrible style. She is not a hairdresser. I, the producer, gave her permission to go ahead with the production in the absence of a hairdresser. The production is under the banner of Hair2U, and therefore I take responsibility for it.

Finally, I must point out that usually we strive to ensure high quality production. That includes having a trained and experienced hairdresser to cut the final style on the models. It was this unfortunate event which is a black mark on our track record. We hope that such unfortunate outcomes don’t happen again in the future.

Thank your for your understanding and support.


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