2019 New Year Announcement

Happy New Year 2019!

We have heaps of new content and exciting news announcements for the start of this new year. We will cover it one by one.

1. Yaniva Hair Growth Project

Introducing Hair2U’s newest model! Yaniva is a lovely Mexican young woman. She has amazing silky straight brunette hair. Her hair was butt length in August 2018 before she cut it and the hair sold to a private collector. She has actually gone from super long to bob twice so far.

Yaniva is now growing her hair again, with goal of attaining butt length hair again in the future. She will be making regular videos and photos for Hair2U at various stages of her hair growth journey.

You can also follow her journey on her Instagram account. Please be nice.


Yaniva has also sold the rights of some of her previous content, including videos of the August 2018 big chop, and long hair photos, to Hair2U.

We will be releasing her content on a regular basis, as she grows her hair out. This will also include salon visits for trims to maintain healthy hair. This is going to be an exciting long term project! Your support in this endeavour is much appreciated!

2. Instagram

Better late than never! We have created an Instagram account for the primary purpose of showing example content of what we do, to potential future models. Unfortunately the username “hair2u” is already taken, so we went with “hair2udotnet” instead.


Our primary place for updates will still be on this site and YouTube, with Instagram taking a back seat for most parts.

3. Other New Models

Hair2U has other new models, with content to be gradually released over this year. One of them is already on our Instagram account:

Spanish long hair model Davina.

We can’t wait to release her content, and other models’ content to you. But we have a release schedule to adhere to, with varying haircut and long hair show videos, and different models. We will stick to releasing one content per week, and avoid having the same model appearing back to back in releases.

4. Change in Personal Life Circumstances

Hair2U is only a side venture. I do have (and need) a full time job, since hair video production is nowhere near profitable enough for a sustainable income to live off.

My life circumstance will change this year. I will move back to my hometown this year (where my production began in 2014-2015). After I am more settled, I may be able to resume production by sourcing local models.


As of 2019, my content comes / will come from these sources:

1. Produced by Suzana in her home studio (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
2. Produced by 51Hair with copyright purchase (China)
3. Produced by / collaboration with RealRapunzels (Norway)
4. Produced by Yaniva in her home studio (Mexico)
5. Personally produced by myself with locally sourced models (Australia)

There you go. Heaps of exciting things to look forward to this year from us!

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