Updated on 08/11/2019.


Ellessea 3 POV Scissors and Clipper Play

Ellessea is a gorgeous model with beautiful natural long blonde hair and captivating blue eyes.

This is a POV (point of view) video of the stylist doing hair play, scissor play, ad clipper play on the model. 

Video length: 36 min

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Melinda Pixie Haircut

Melinda is a pretty red head with shoulder length hair. She is ready for a change.

First, we cut an undercut with scissors, and then buzzed a fade with clippers. Next, we cut her hair into a steep angled bob, with her nape exposed. She is playful as her hair is chopped off. Finally, we cut her hair into a pixie style.

Melinda is very enthusiastic about getting a haircut makeover, and thoroughly enjoyed the whole process.

Product includes high quality still photos of the final pixie style.

Video length: 65 min

Video quality: 1920 x 1080 | 50 fps | 3.9 GB

Number of photos: 13 | 100 MB

Maximum photo resolution: 16 MP

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