Long Hair Models

Updated on 08/02/2018.

Regular models

These are our regular long hair models. They are available only for long hair play videos; NO cutting. We do have other long hair models, but they are not regular or live far away. If you are interested to order a customized long hair play video with these models, please contact us.


Suzana is our main model. Her hair is absolutely amazing. Her brunette hair is bum length, very thick, and naturally straight. Her hair is all one length and very healthy. Suzana cares for her hair with great love, and is very passionate about long hair. She can act well for videos, and can speak English as a second language.

You can follow her on her Facebook page and Instagram account.



Sladjana is a passionate model with beautiful waist length healthy straight brown hair.



Jovana has mid-back length blonde hair which is very silky straight. She is still growing out her hair; her goal is to at least waist length.



Helena has long brunette bum length hair which is very straight and silky. She is passionate about her hair and can speak English fluently as a second language.