About Us

We produce a wide variety of fun, creative, and sensual ladies’ hair videos and photos. Our content can be divided into two broad categories: haircut makeover and long hair modelling.

We are looking for suitable models to be part of our production. Check out the criteria for haircut modelling and long hair modelling.

Haircut Makeovers

The first broad category is haircut makeover, ideally featuring drastic changes from long to various short styles. Bobs, pixies, bowl cuts, buzz cuts, unusual styles, or fully shaved bald! We typically cut hair in stages, going through various styles, and/or cutting the hair in entertaining ways. Below are examples of some of our best haircut makeovers.

Long Hair Modelling

The second broad category is long hair modelling without hair cutting. These include, but not limited to, hair flaunting, hair brushing, hair washing, various simple ponytail and braids styles, and even pretend hair pulling or pretend haircut. Below are examples of some of our best long hair modelling videos.

We have been producing hair videos since 2014. Our main production site is located in a home studio in Perth, Western Australia. We also have collaborators in the Philippines, Mexico, Russia, and China, who are able to produce content for us.