About Us

We produce a variety of artistic ladies’ haircut makeover and long hair modelling content.


Haircut Makeovers

We are looking for brave ladies to cut their hair into short styles (bobs, pixies, buzz cuts, or even bald). The more drastic the change, the better! Ideally we prefer ladies with long hair, to undergo makeover in stages, going through various different styles.


Here is an excellent example of a haircut makeover in stages.



If possible, we try to make the haircut makeover interesting and entertaining, with acting role playing.


For truly brave ladies, we welcome full bald shaves too!


Long Hair Modelling

We also produce long hair modelling content. However, the criteria for this is much more stringent. We are looking for ladies with very long hair in superb condition. Hair length should be at least waist length (hip length or longer is preferred), not coloured, in healthy condition, and ideally all one length with no layers. We prefer young models, ideally 18 – 35 years old.

Our resident super long hair model is Suzana. Here are examples of her work.


Please contact us if you are interested to model for us! There is a contact form link on the menu bar of this page.


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