Update 16/03/2018.


Suzana and Helena Curls Styles

Suzana and Helena make curls styles on each other’s hair with a curling iron tool. Video shows complete process and presentation, with casual unscripted conversation between the models.

Video length: 40 min

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Miss Qiu Yu Bob Haircut

Miss Qiu Yu has a makeover into a bob hairstyle. We start with a hair wash and then combing the wet hair. Then, her hair is trimmed; just the ends. After the hair is dried, she plays with her hair, including brushing and putting her hair in various parts. Then, her hair is put into cute pigtails.

Next, her nape hair is sectioned, and buzzed off with clippers. The stylist then applies shaving cream on the buzzed nape, and shaved the nape completely smooth with a razor.

Next, the hair is cut into an angled shoulder length style, followed by some more hair play.

Next, the hair is cut wet into a bob just below her jaws. The hair is then blow dried and straightened. She plays with her new bob style.

Finally, the bangs are cut and styled. Miss Qiu Yu ends up with a bob with eyebrow length bangs, and she loves the new style!

This video produced by 51Hair for and according to the script by Hair2U.

Video length: 89 min

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Photo Set – Miss Qiu Yu Bob Haircut

Stills from Miss Qiu Yu Bob Haircut video.

Number of photos: 30

Resolution: 14 Megapixels

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