Custom Video Requests


We take custom video requests from customers. The process varies from case to case. If you are interested, these are roughly the steps:

1. Customers choose which model(s) they want. It can be a long hair play video or a haircut video. Then, contact us and tell us what you want done and which model you want. The script can be as brief or as detailed as the customer likes.

2. If the script is within our means and values to produce, we will then contact the model(s). We will also negotiate a price with the model(s).

3. If the model(s) is able to do it, we will get back to the customer with the price. Steps 2 and 3 may undergo iterations if there are changes or price needs to be negotiated.

4. Once all parties agree on the script and price, the next step is payment. We prefer if the customer can pay with Wise or PayPal. Once payment is received, we will organize a date for the video production.

5. Once the final product is finished, it will be delivered to the customer through cloud.

6. The customized video will still be legally owned by Hair2U, and we will still have all rights to it, and can sell it. If the customer would like to purchase the full rights to the video from us, it is also possible. The extra copyright transfer fee also depends on a case by case basis. So far, most customers are okay with us still owning the rights to their customized video.

Custom video limitations:

1. Absolutely no nudity, sex, or anything which is perceived as sexual and adult. Models must be decently clothed. This means no bikini, lingerie, or anything too revealing. Dress code is subjective to an extent, but the bottom line is, if the model is not willing to do it, we will abide by their standards.

2. Ideally, total run time of video should not be over 1.5 hours.

3. We only produce in an indoor studio setting where the environment is controlled. Salon or outdoor settings are not possible for now.

4. Not all our models are fluent in English or capable of acting well. We will try our best, but no guarantees if the script is too complicated.

5. We reserve the right to reject custom video requests from customers if we feel uncomfortable with the script or customers’ behavior.